"Robert Norton is an inspired musician. His music is healing. It touches something honest, hopeful and true in you." Robert Holden, Ph.D.

Photo by Martin Reijman

Photo by Martin Reijman

"Your music is the most heart opening , deeply resonating sound I've ever heard." Anna Pasternak, author. 

"You are like a magic guide in the ocean of cosmic sounds. The feeling of lightness comes, and in the next instant I am above the Earth, and from there to reach the stars I need only stretch out my hand. Love and Light to you." Nina, Moscow.

Photo by Martin Reijman

Photo by Martin Reijman

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Cheese & Grain, Market Yard, Frome BA11 1BE

"Robert, your music reflects the beauty of your spirit. Thank you for shining and sharing your wonderfilled gift. It is a great joy. Many blessings." Wendy, UK.

"Thank you so much for your sensitivity, extraordinary talent and spirituality. A presence and harmony of love." Avril, UK.

"Please keep sharing your beautiful gift with the world." Andy, UK.

Photo by Martin Reijman

Photo by Martin Reijman

"Robert, such lovely music, a gentle joy and harmony radiates from you." Maria, UK.

"Your music has been truly magical and inspirational. Thank you so much for all the joy you bring the world." Pauline, UK.

"Your music fills my new home with peace every day!" Maryann, UK.